4 Things I Learned While Following My Dreams

I just quit my $80,000-a-year corporate job to travel and start my own business. Immediately after I marched into my boss’s office with my resignation letter, I knew a new life was coming and my dreams were in sight.

I’ve known I wasn’t in the right place for the past year, in fact I’ve known I wasn’t in the right career for many years before that. Yet I kept making decision after decision that felt like “the right thing to do” according to how I was taught. I felt like I was drudging through the day, every day. Email after email, meeting after meeting, all working towards something my heart didn’t believe in. As I blew out the candles at my 30th birthday dinner, I knew I needed a change. And that lead me to now, as I sit here at LAX awaiting my flight to India. I’m following my heart, my soul and my passion. Here is what helped me get to this point.

  1. Let go – I was so busy holding on to the life I created that I didn’t realize it was time to let some of it go. When I finally made the decision to follow my dreams, I had to find the courage and the strength to let go of my job, my apartment and whatever else was hindering my journey.
  2. Have no expectations– I am not attached to the outcome, the reward is that I’m actually following my calling. Whatever happens next, I’m good with.
  3. Dance in the in-between– after I decided to let go, follow my dreams regardless of the outcome, I found myself in a period of transition. I was neither here nor there, just floating through the air between my past and my future. Instead of freaking out, I loved harder, laughed louder and danced my heart out.
  4. Stand grounded and firm– people around me questioned my actions and I constantly questioned myself. Although sometimes I feel completely scared, insecure and confused, those feelings always pass and there I am again following my dreams. I’m constantly reminded to stand firm in my decision, the questions are only temporary.

“You can’t reach what’s in front of you until you let go of what’s behind you.”

Thoughts? I’d love to hear them.

xoxo Kate

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