Here Kitty Kitty…

My friend recently told me a story of how she adopted a new stray kitten. She rescued the kitty after it was brought into her yard by an older feral cat. The older cat felt threatened by the little one and sometimes would attack. My friend knew she had to step in and rescue the kitten.

The little guy, only a few months old, was so scared once inside my friend’s home, he hid behind the stove and wouldn’t come out. For days, he felt threatened for his life. Afraid of the new sounds of something much larger than himself entering his world, he created a small space to exist in. A small, easy, safe space to navigate. Little did he know that beyond his boxed-in world lay a wondrous, magical land full of comfy blankets, mice, adventures, and a cohabitant full of unconditional love and caring.

Eventually he did step out, meagerly, with the assistance of my friend. Now his world had expanded. With a gentle timidness, he started to explore this new world. He felt the love and care of my friend, he saw the beautiful journey that lay ahead.

As soon as I heard the story, my spirit smiled. I always know when my spirit smiles, as an energetic sense of peace comes over my body for a brief moment. And when my spirit smiles, I listen and pay attention to the message.

Realizing your fullest potential, and the abundance of love that radiates around you, is a scary process. It’s scary because it only happens when we let go of the thought patterns, behavior patterns and roles that we play in our lives. A story we’ve told ourselves from childhood no longer has any bearing. Our job is part of a societal-imposed system. We move through our days recognizing the creator of our world is – and only ever will be – our own self.

That kind of power, when not embraced or controlled, seems like a scary thing.

But then we start to use it. Slowly we start to trust the big cohabitant moving through our world with us—the beautiful bigger force of unconditional love and caring. This bigger force has lived long before you were born and will continue to live long after you die. This bigger force will love you long after your physical body disappears. This bigger force will always make sure you have exactly what you need in your life. And this bigger force will show you a world of magic and wonder. A world of adventure meant just for you. This force exists inside of your body, and in all that surrounds you. You might not be able to perceive it yet, but at some point soon you will. It just takes a little bit of courageous trust and…listen.


“The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself

everything that you want, you already are.” – Rumi

xoxo Kate

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