Class Schedule


4.19 – Vinyasa Flow @OM Studio- Barnyard (12:15-1:15pm)

4.19 – Restorative Yoga @ Quail Lodge (2:30-4:00pm, reservation required.)

4.20 – Hot Yoga @ CVAC (9:00-10:30am, reservation required.)

4.20 – Yoga Flow @Carmel Valley Ranch (5:00-6:15pm, reservation required.)

4.21 – Yoga in the Vines @Folktale Winery (10:00-11:30am, bring your mat. $20/pp)

4.22 – Restorative Yoga @ Carmel Valley Ranch (5:00-6:15pm, reservation required.)

4.23 – Slow Flow Yoga @ Ventana Big Sur (8:30-9:30am, reservation required.)

4.23 – Balanced Yoga Flow @ Esalen Institute (2:00-3:15pm)

4.24 – Restorative Yoga @ Quail Lodge (2:30-4:00pm, reservation required.)

4.25 – Hot Yoga @ CVAC (9:00-10:30am, reservation required.)

4.25 – Yoga Flow @ Carmel Valley Ranch (5:00-6:15pm, reservation required.)

4.26 – Vinyasa Flow @OM Studio- Barnyard (12:15-1:15pm)

4.26 – Restorative Yoga @ Quail Lodge (2:30-4:00pm, reservation required.)

4.27 – Hot Yoga @ CVAC (9:00-10:30am, reservation required.)

4.27- Restorative Yoga @ Carmel Yoga Center (12:30-1:45pm)

4.27 – Yoga Flow @ Carmel Valley Ranch (5:00-6:15pm, reservation required.)

4.28 – Yoga in the Vines @Folktale Winery (10:00-11:30am, bring your mat. $20/pp)

4.29 – Restorative Yoga @ Carmel Valley Ranch (5:00-6:15pm, reservation required.)

4.30 – Slow Flow Yoga @ Ventana Big Sur (8:30-9:30am, reservation required.)

4.30 – Balanced Yoga Flow @ Esalen Institute (2:00-3:15pm)


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*All levels of group and personal yoga sessions available.

YOGARISE offers ultra-transformational and healing yoga classes and retreats.

“Through personalized and group-oriented yoga classes, I help students to RISE to their highest selves.” -Kate Balog, Yoga Instructor


What people say:

“I’ve been attending many Yoga classes by Kate at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur. Kate’s classes are exploratory and light-hearted. Her flow sequences are creative and playful, emphasizing strong alignment and connectedness. I always enjoyed going to her classes a lot, leaving the class with a sense of inner peace.” – Rebecca

“Kate loves the life of yoga and lives it with a bubbly passion. She is diligent in her personal practice and encouraging and instructive to my practice. Thank you Kate.” – Patrick

“Kate Balog is my favorite yoga instructor on the peninsula. Her warmth and kind-heartedness radiates through her instruction, and she offers a variety of poses for attendees of all learning levels. For almost a year, I’ve looked forward to her outdoor yoga classes in the vineyards of Carmel Valley, and after each of her sessions, I leave with a sense of relaxation, appreciation, accomplishment, inner peace, lasting gratitude, and joy. Kate’s yoga classes are like little gifts for the soul.” – Jamie

“Kate is an incredible yoga instructor – during her classes I feel completely connected to myself and my practice. She creates a welcoming, safe space for all level yogis and her guidance and soothing tone provide a deep state of awareness and presence. Kate’s classes are the perfect holistic combination of mind, body and soul.” – Jenna

“Kate is definitely a master practitioner and her practice is love, beauty, grace and balance in all things at all times. Her classes are a combination of playful and prayerful, and dare I say sexy and sacred…” – Michael

“The yoga in the vines class with Kate Balog was a perfect way to spend our Saturday morning in Carmel!  Her class is a fun combination of flow and power that really reminded me how much I love yoga. I’ve been an avid practitioner for several years, and regularly practice on my own, but being out in the fresh air and sunshine made this class really special. Kate infused her class with spiritual teachings and challenging asanas and left me feeling both refreshed and invigorated. I highly recommend you check out her classes in the Carmel Valley region.” – Ashley

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